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Updated: 2-May-2024

Photo by Markus Herzig  19-Jun-07
Current produced: 60 aircraft

Kaman K-MAX History

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Photo courtesy by Kaman Aerospace

S/N Built Registration History Status
A94-0001 1991 N3182T wfu
A94-0002 1993 N131KA active
A94-0003 1993 - ground trial aircraft
A94-0004 1994 N132KA, N526MW active
A94-0005 1994 N133KA, N116, N1162, HL9319 active
A94-0006 1994 N134KA, N134WC written off
A94-0007 1994 N135KA (1), C-FXFT active
A94-0008 1994 N136KA, HB-XQA written off
A94-0009 1995 N161KA (1), HB-XHJ written off
A94-0010 1994 N162KA written off
A94-0011 1995 C-GMHJ, N202MW written off
A94-0012 1994 JA6184 active
A94-0013 1995 N163KA, C-FMGM active
A94-0014 1995 N164KA, HB-ZEH written off
A94-0015 1995 N165KA, C-GMHO, N314KA, B-55589, N314KA written off
A94-0016 1996 N161KA (2) active
A94-0017 1996 N311KA written off
A94-0018 1996 D-HFZA (1) written off
A94-0019 1996 N313KA, HC-CAG, N313KA, N699RH active
A94-0020 1996 JA6200 active
A94-0021 1997 N21MX, OE-XKM, D-HMAX, HB-ZIH, N10KA active
A94-0022 1997 N224GM written off
A94-0023 1997 N135KA (2) maintenance aircraft
A94-0024 1997 N312KA active
A94-0025 1998 N317KA, N675TH active
A94-0026 1998 N3289T, D-HFZA (2), HB-ZGK active
A94-0027 2000 N472PH, B-55588, N120PH, HL9168, N115, N1152 active
A94-0028 2000 N482PH, N357KA, A11496, N357KA, 169221, N357KA active
A94-0029 2001 N358KA, ZK-HEE, VH-IUU, N43HX active
A94-0030 2001 N359KA, A11496, 16922 active
A94-0031 2001 N360KA to be rebuild ?
A94-0032 2001 N361KA, N314 written off
A94-0033 2002 N263KA written off
A94-0034 2002 N264KA, HL9167 written off
A94-0035 2002 N265KA, N674TH active
A94-0036 2003 N266KA, JA6236 active
A94-0037 2003 N267KA to be rebuild
A94-0038 2003 N268KA, N414, N4147 active
A94-0039 2017 N995KA, B-70VZ active
A94-0040 2017 N994KA, B-70WA active
A94-0041 2017 N996KA, HB-ZTW active
A94-0042 2017 N12001, N39HX active
A94-0043 2017 N40HX, N690RH active
A94-0044 2018 N170CB active
A94-0045 2018 N803RA active
A94-0046 2018 N805RA active
A94-0047 2019 N171PL active
A94-0048 2019 N319WA active
A94-0049 2019 N12001, N767NA active
A94-0050 2019 N1200Q, HB-ZVM written off
A94-0051 2019 N40HX active
A94-0052 2020 N12001, B-723C active
A94-0053 2020 N1200Q, C-FZVM written off
A94-0054 2021 N1200R, N88HX active
A94-0055 2021 N1200T, HB-ZPO active
A94-0056 2021 N1200W, C-FZVB active
A94-0057 2022 N12001, N970MB active
A94-0058 2023 N1200T, N272PL active
A94-0059 2023 N1200T, C-FZVR active
A94-0060 2023 N1200W, HB-ZXY written off

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